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The Advanced Academic

The Advanced Academic Course: To Help You Enter a Public University

The Advanced Academic Course is where one can work hard on English, Japanese, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies, with the goal of entering a public college or university. Of those five subjects, three can be used to attempt to enter every private university. For public universities, it is more important to have a good basic knowledge of all subjects. There is no one who is good at everything, but if one can work hard to make their poor subjects into their best subject, or at least get better in their poor subjects, an important goal will have been realized. In the Advanced Academic Course, students are first helped by their overseas study experience, giving them a solid base in English, leading to confidence in studying other subjects. Based on that, as much training as possible is provided in a few basic areas. The curriculum has been developed to provide all students with everything they need, whether one is aiming for technical or cultural majors in public universities. Enthusiastic teachers are an important part of this process. With that in mind, if the student is willing to work hard, there should be no problem in passing the entrance examination to a public university. It might seem like a far-off goal, but with consistent effort over three years, it is possible to enter a public university, with its well-equipped facilities and lesser financial burden.

Detailed Instruction in Small Classes

To improve efficiency in learning, classes in the Advanced Academic Course are limited to no more than 30 students. In that way, the teachers in charge can be well informed of the ability of each student and can help them hour by hour by giving substantial training that stresses individual needs. In three years, training is given by staff with the goal of passing 70% of the Center tests. Tests will be given from the first year. The results with be carefully checked, leading to more goal-specific training and providing students with a nationwide viewpoint from early on.

Concentrated Lessons During School Vacations
During Summer Vacation, first year students will have 10 days and second and third year students will have 20 days of intensive instruction that is compulsory for all students in the Advanced Academic Course. Also, one week each for Winter and Spring Vacations will be used for concentrated training. The first year students will study English, Japanese and Mathematics, while the second and third year students will study all five subjects. Instruction dealing directly with taking examinations will be provided, something that cannot be done during the regular school year.
Short Overseas Exchange Program
In Japan, internationalization is proceeding at a rapid rate, with many companies requiring ability in another language. In the Advanced Academic Course, English Conversation classes are taught by native English speakers and taking the Standard Test of English Proficiency is required of all students. Also, in their second year, students go for two months to an English-speaking country where they can practice ‘real English’ and see how important it is to study English.


International Course

The General Academic

A course developing both academic and sporting abilities.
Giving students strength to follow their desires.

This is a newly organised course designed to combine existing sports classes with general academic classes in order to show students the compatibility of sports and academic studies in a comprehensive and concrete manner. With small classes divided by progress level, we show students that nothing is impossible, and build their desire to study while at the same time allowing them to truly enjoy their rich high school experience by participating in afterschool sports and cultural activities. In addition, students may sit exams in Japanese Writing, English, and Math and other exams if they desire to do so.

Classes organized by progress

In order to increase overall academic results each year classes are organized by student progress. Classes are targeted to students needs, thus encour-
aging them to participate enthusiastically in the lessons.

Instruction for varied careers
In the General Academic Course, instruction is tailored to capitalize on the varied characteristics of our students. Regardless of whether students participate in sporting activities or in cultural activities, their personal growth and focus in these after school activities are harnessed in their academic studies too. In addition, with the academic support of many teachers, summertime lectures, supplementary classes and so on, every possible opportunity is taken to enrich students’ academic abilities and strengthen their personal skills. When students can grasp the importance of both academic and non-academic activities they can increase their strengths and make even greater progress toward their goals.
A school excursion overseas helps to
foster international understanding
It is said that we live in a new, global era, and as such the opportunity to see other cultures for ourselves and to touch the history of another country, is an invaluable way to gain international experience and understanding. At Meitoku, we take the students on a school excursion to nearby countries like South Korea and China. There they have the opportunity to meet with local high school students and gain an international perspective that will be necessary in this new era. It is truly a fun, life-expanding school excursion.


International Course

The English Course

What is the English Course?

‘Practical English’ is an essential fact of life in a society that is being more and more information-oriented and internationalized. With the English course, the student will go overseas for one year to study ‘useable English’ and ‘English accepted in society’. During their time overseas, students will not only learn English, but also have a chance to makes friends with people of other races and cultures, a once in a lifetime experience. Placing oneself in a different culture will be an experience you can treasure forever. Returning to Japan with increased skill in English, you can open up new areas, leading to entry to the university of your choice. We look forward to seeing many globally-oriented students graduate from the English Course.

Exchange with Sister Schools

In the English Course curriculum, one year of study in an English-speaking country is included. This is in the second year of high school. There are a total of 22 sister schools, in Australia, Canada and New Zealand. The staff of the sister schools are always available to support you completely during your stay, so you can rest assured that you will have a good year. Your credits earned overseas will be accepted toward your graduation from Meitoku, so there will be no break in your studies.

A Strong Program for TOEFL, TOEIC and STEP
Qualifications based on testing are becoming more and more indispensable. In the English Course, we particularly work on what is needed to get good marks in the Japanese Standard Test of English Proficiency (STEP) as well as in the TOEFL and TOIEC tests. Because our school is the location for testing for each of these tests, you will not have to travel a long distance to take the tests, but can take them in familiar surroundings. Training is given to make sure you get thequalifications you need.
Direct Entrance to College!
In the English Course, we aim to help students enter university on their first try. Since the inception of the English Course, all of our students have been accepted to college directly. No one has had to go to preparatory school to make it in on their second or third try.


International Course

The Chinese Course

Producing students fluent in Chinese, English and Japanese

With its huge landmass, 1.3 billion strong population and remarkable economic development in recent years, China is a world leader, fulfilling its great promise. Countries around the world are adapting themselves to this new political and economic reality. With unprecedented levels of speculation in its great cities, the opening of many new businesses, and the rich opportunities for co-operation, many companies are moving their facilities to China. It is an enchanting country, containing the cradle of the Yellow River Civilisation, and has a 7,000-year history. Indeed, it is impossible to think of the 21st century without considering China’s role. In the Chinese course, we aim not just to teach the Chinese language in isolation, but rather to incorporate experiences gained from studying abroad, and to give students an understanding of the Chinese way of thinking, daily customs and culture so as to give them an even deeper understanding of China and equip them to participate fully in international society.

Classes taught by Chinese instructors

At Meitoku the Chinese course is run by language instructors from China itself. Right from the time students enter our school they have the chance to hear native pronunciation and participate in classes making full use of the Chinese language. From the first year of high school onwards, students receive comprehensive training in pronunciation, and take six Chinese language classes per week, so that before studying abroad in China, all students can master the fundamentals of the language. Preparation for studying abroad takes place the following year. On returning from their studies, almost all classes are run in Chinese, and students have a chance to maintain their high-level abilities by applying for official language tests as well as university entrance exams.

Dalian University of Science and Engineering
Dalian University of Science and Engineering, one of our many sister schools, is a prominent prestigious Chinese institution. Our exchange students stay in the homes of people connected to this university. Classes are held entirely in Chinese – this means not just the Chinese classes (including grammar, listening and conversation), but also classes in general subjects (English, Math, Physical Education and Music) are also taught through Chinese. Through trips to places like Beijing and Xian students can learn about China, from ancient times, up to the present, facilitating their development as Chinese language professionals. Of course, during the period of overseas study, staff from our school are on hand locally to provide counseling to students and deal with any unforeseen circumstances.
Outstanding performance in official examinations
We aim to have students take the 4th grade of the Chinese language proficiency exam in their first year of high school, and so provide supplementary lessons for exam preparation. During their overseas study, students should take the 2nd grade exam, and the 6th grade of the (Hanyu Shuiping Kaosh) HSK test, and so even during their study abroad, students still take special supplementary exam-prep classes. In this way, although they are still high school students, many of them will be able to pass the 2nd grade proficiency test and the 6th grade of the HSK exam. At the very least, almost all students will be at Proficiency Test level 3 by graduation.

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