History of the Japanese Course

1972 License to Incorporate Meitoku Junior High School
1973 Official opening of Meitoku Junior High School
1976 Official opening of Meitoku Senior High School
1979 First acceptance of Australian exchange students
1981 First acceptance of Chinese exchange students
1984 First acceptance of Brazilian exchange students
1989 First acceptance of Spanish exchange students
1991 Establishment of the Japanese Course
1992 First acceptance of Canadian and Korean exchange students
1994 First acceptance of British exchange students
1995 First acceptance of Mongolian exchange students
1998 First acceptance of German, Micronesian and New Zealand exchange students
2005 First acceptance of Senegalese and Taiwanese exchange students
2006 First acceptance of Thai exchange students
2007 First acceptance of Vietnamese exchange students
2008 First acceptance of Indonesian exchange students
2009 First acceptance of Angolan exchange students

Message from the Principal

It was in 1991 that the Japanese Course at our main school’s International Campus was established in order to accept exchange students from overseas. Our school has a long history of accepting overseas students, stretching from 1976 with the arrival of our first Australian students, until the present time when we have students from 17 countries and territories. To address the varying needs of students, such as entering Japanese universities, and having enough command of the language to understand the lectures given there, we have designed a range of specifically tailored 1 year, 1½ year, 3 year, 3½ year and 4 year curricula, as well as short-term exchanges with sister schools, so that all of our various students can fulfill their goals. Classes are focused on student needs, and we provide all of our students with a top class Japanese language educational environment.

Keiichi YOSHIDA, Principal.

sister schools

Bunbury Cathedral Grammar School
Saint Aloysius College
Nazareth College
Presbyterian Ladies’ College Sydney
Sunshine Coast Grammar School
Immanuel Anglican College
Presbyterian Ladies’ College Armadale
The Armadale School
Mowbray College
●New Zealand
Hutt International Boy’s School
Dakota Collegiate
JH Bruns Collegiate
Prasarnmit Secondary Demonstration School
Mainichi Japanese Language Institute
Jeducation Center
Vo Truong Toan Junior High School
Le Quy Don Junior High School
Le Quy Don Senior High School
Mie Japanese Language Academy

3 Year & 4 Year Courses
(Entering the first year of high school)
3½ Year Course
(6 month intensive Japanese study before entering the 3 year course)
A one year or six month period of intense Japanese study with the objective of attaining the 1st grade or 2nd grade certification in the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) is followed in the second year by entry into the English, Chinese, General or Advanced courses along with Japanese students, where the classes are targeted at university entry. The 4-year course includes a 1-year overseas exchange (in an English-speaking country or in China). Additionally, all students can participate along with Japanese students in a full range of club activities. These courses have been designed specifically for exchange students and Japanese students from overseas who require targeted language instruction.
1 Year Course
(Entering the third year of high school)
1½ Year Course
(Entering the second year of high school)
Students may enter the second or third year of our university-focused courses, which are designed to allow students to gain a high level of practical Japanese language ability in a short time. Additionally, students also receive special instruction to help them enter their desired universities. Students in the 1½ year course who wish to participate in club activities may do so, side by side with their Japanese classmates.
Short courses for our sister schools
These courses are targeted at students from our overseas sister schools. Along with learning the fundamentals of Japanese language, students can also deepen their knowledge of Japanese culture through studying the tea ceremony, calligraphy, pottery and other cultural activities.
Dakota Collegiate
Bunbury Cathedral Grammar School
Presbyterian Ladies’ College Sydney
The Armadale School
Mowbray College
Nazareth College
Japan Summer School
A 12 day summer course allowing students to improve their Japanese language proficiency, experience Japanese culture and enjoy nature takes place from the middle to the end of July in an international learning environment, providing academic lessons and supplementary education. This summer school consists not only of suitable academic Japanese language lessons, but also includes exciting activities, like caving and canoeing down river.

1 year course / 1½ year course


3 Year Course & 4 Year Course
Specialised Programmes in English, Math and Japanese

At Meitoku from the first year of high school onwards, Japanese and overseas students alike are all divided into classes according to their English ability. These classes range from foreign teacher-taught classes using the direct method, to Japanese teacher led classes aimed at university entrance exams, to classes in basic English, and all courses have been developed to meet a range of student needs. Thanks to this approach it is possible to tailor classes for students with high-level practical English skills, or for those who want to increase their current abilities, or for those students who may be weak at English.

Additionally, with regard to mathematics, students can be divided by ability and their interests in either Sciences or Arts, and so high-level classes which meet the students’ abilities and desires can be taken.
In the first year of high school Japanese language classes are also divided by ability so that students may take lessons which are tailored for their level of practical Japanese ability, as well as their mother tongue. Furthermore, from the second year of high school, students can choose to study not just Japanese as a second language, but rather to participate in regular Japanese lessons along with Japanese classmates, covering the Japanese classics etc., or to continue lessons appropriate for their language level.


For students enrolled in the 3½ year programme there is a
six-month period of intensive Japanese study (October – March).

This allows students to participate in the 3-year course taught through the Japanese language.


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